Tuesday, May 25, 2004

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ronnie foster live at montreux Posted by Hello

Ronnie Foster Live at Montreux Blue Note

This is a rare find thanks to some serious internet searching it came up on auction via German Ebay. This was part of the Blue Note Live at Montreux series that were quite hard to find and on cd even harder as only Bobby Hutchersons date was available on cd for along time. Now I think you can find the Carmen Mcrae set but they are still hard to find.

Cheers to the guys who enabled this to happen.

If you have not heard any Ronnie Foster there are a few pieces lying around if you can get moving on the web

One is the Classic Two Headed Freap on Blue Note which can still be found with dedicated searching or by watching on Ebay and the like

The other complete rareties are Sweet Revival and Cheshire Cat which were issued in Japan by Toshiba and are super rare and hard to find. However I amanged to get hold of original cds by trying again and again and with help from other chums ;0)

Let me know if you are having trouble finding any of these.

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